BRATS Supports the 2015 MS 150

The BRATS were proud to welcome back Bill KA3IDB to the MS150 Chesapeake Challenge this year. In addition to helping with radio communications, Bill shared stories about the very first Chesapeake Challenge over 30 years ago when he was one of the volunteers that outnumbered the riders.

Altogether, the BRATS drove nearly 5,000 miles this weekend, providing communications support on over 150 miles of roads, directly assisted nearly a dozen riders, and stepped up and provided medical volunteers when the scheduled group was delayed. In short, the BRATS as always helped wherever necessary make the event run smoother and keep the riders safe.

These efforts were made possible thanks to the Easton Amateur Radio Society’s continued support of the event through allowing our use of their repeater for the weekend for which we are as always grateful.

The BRATS wish to thank all of the hams who volunteered, including Ken K3RKU for helping coordinate with the EARS, N3GXH for working with the MS Society, and our drivers and radio volunteers K3DON, KA3IDB, WA3SWA, N3FJD, KB3NYW, W3DQT, KB3SKN, K5KNK, K2GZL, K9FXY, KC3CAC.

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